Shirley Bassey

Shirley Bassey

3 stars

  • If You Plan To See One Shirley Bassey Tribute Act, Make It This One!

The Show With The Midas Touch!
Audiences all over the UK constantly remarked on the power and unbelievable range of Joanne’s voice. After gaining years of top cabaret experience and being constantly compared to Shirley Bassey, it was a natural progression to pay tribute to one of the best performers in the world. This sensational tribute show captures all the power, passion and glamour of Shirley in her prime. Joanne Copeman is simply Surely Bassey.

Complete with either top quality backing tracks or using her live band, Joanne can provide up to one hour of top class entertainment. It really is a truly unforgettable experience and Joanne’s performance is filled with all the emotion and theatre that can only be compared to Bassey herself. See the dresses, the drama and pure sophistication of this authentic Shirley Bassey tribute act. Surely Bassey has been thrilling corporate and private clients alike over a number of years. She has performed her Bassey tribute show for audiences all over The United Kingdom, Europe, United Arab Emirates and in 2006 she flew to America to perform her show with a fantastic 13-piece big band!

Recognised by true Bassey fans as the only alternative to the real thing. If you plan to see one Shirley Bassey Tribute act, make it this one!

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