Derek Williams

Derek Williams

3 stars

  • One Of Britain’s Leading Business & Customer Service Gurus
  • If You Don’t Feel He Has Met Your Expectations, He Will Refund Your Investment

Mr WOW is actually Derek Williams who is an inspirational and motivational speaker, and Creator of The WOW Awards™. He is the leading UK customer service speaker and world-wide selling author of “3-Dimensional Care” (a work-book for business owners and managers) and “Learning From Sport” (inspiration and motivation for all).

Derek is one of Britain’s leading business and customer service gurus.

Derek’s previous business, Stephens & Co, has won five national awards for customer service including Commerce Magazine Excellence in Customer Service (the only business to ever win this award twice) and The Federation of Small Businesses Customer Care Award.

Mr WOW’s Mission
To inspire great customer service in the UK so that other countries look at the UK and say ‘what a great job the Brits are doing’.

Mr WOW’s Experience
Derek advises and trains a wide variety of businesses on how to create ‘WOW!’ in their customer service. Derek’s services as a Professional Speaker are in demand from national and international corporations and business groups.

 Derek is Chief Executive of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Europe and he’s a regular guest on TV and radio programmes dealing with customer service issues.

Derek is creator of The WOW! Awards™. The UK’s only national customer service award based on customer nominations.

Derek’s unique offer is that all, yes all, his work is fully guaranteed. If you don’t feel he has met your expectations, he will refund your investment. This gives you total reassurance when booking him as a speaker, investing in one of his books, or booking his company’s consultancy services.