martin murphy

Martin Murphy

3 stars

  • Performs A Massive Range Of Songs Encompassing All Styles & Eras

Martin Murphy is a professional singer with a difference.
He doesn’t just focus on one particular style of music but instead performs a massive range of songs encompassing all styles and eras and because he really enjoys what he does you’ll marvel at the array of songs that can captivate any audience.

Martin has been doing the circuit since 1990 when he left the holiday camps and has been a regular fixture on the south coast scene playing at a lot of high profile functions.

Because Martin sings to backing tracks, he doesn’t need much room to perform and the backing he uses is of a very high quality so a lot of people often remark that they had no idea that there was live music going on because the sound is so good!

He is completely self sufficient with an entire 500 watt per channel rig with lighting suitable for playing to audiences of up to 2000 people.

Although once he did play to 7 million!! but that was Robbie’s concert and murf just did a small cameo!

“It was my most memorable moment on 9th September 2000, when I sang with Robbie Williams.”

“I won tickets to one of his gigs that was being broadcast on Radio 1 to promote his new album ‘Sing When You’re Winning’. Being the sort of bloke that I am, I thought it would be a good idea, though a long shot to try and sing with him. So I went down Staples and bought myself a marker and some A2 size paper to write a banner.”

“We all got there quite early so a good vantage point was definitely on the cards. In fact I was in row one and could see the song list taped to the stage floor. When he started to sing Angels I held up the banner which read “can I sing Angels with you?” He saw it and said mid chorus, “do you know the words?” I nodded and he said, “Come on then!””

“I sang the second verse and the audience went wild. Robbie was very complementary though quite shocked that I could actually hold a tune. It wasn’t ’til the next morning that fever pitch set in as I was on the front page of the Star and in the gossip columns of most of the other papers with Radio 1 calling me up for an interview on the breakfast show. Things went manic for a while and then went away as quickly as they came. Although I was disappointed that nothing tangible came from it, it’s not every day you get to sing with the biggest act in the UK to 7 million listeners on Radio 1.”

“I did go and see Rob again in Belgium and got to the front with my banner again. He cracked up when he saw it and came out after a quick costume change with his own banner saying “NO”. I suppose lightning doesn’t strike twice or maybe I pushed my luck a little. He wrote about it in his book, ‘Nobody Someday’ which was an honour really for someone from the little leagues.”