Suzanne Potts

Suzanne Potts

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Suzanne Potts began her career in sales and distribution managing diverse sales teams across many continents and cultures. By the mid 1980’s working for Xerox she achieved the most senior sales operational post for a woman.

Suzanne started her own consultancy in 1988 and since then over 10,000 people throughout the world have benefited from her

Her passion for spreading assertiveness and negotiation skills into a diverse range of cultures, industries and countries has taken her to the war torn territories of the former Yugoslavia, the military culture of Pakistan, Belarus and other communist republics.

Closer to home her clients range from GlaxoSmithKline, Amnesty International UK, Boston Consultancy Group and Marks & Spencer PLC to the NHS, where she provide skills training and motivate staff to break away from limiting beliefs, speak up for what they believe and inspire confidence in others.