Stewart Coull

Stewart Coull

3 stars

  • A Very Accomplished After Dinner Speaker & Very Funny

Stewart Coull is a retired schoolteacher who worked with children with learning difficulties for more than 20 years. Stewart is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and has worked in Scotland since 1970.Stewart is now an accomplished after dinner speaker.

The product of a Scottish father and an Irish mother, Stewart was eligible to play both international football and rugby for either country. Unfortunately, due to a breakdown in communications, the news escaped both camps, in both sports, so Stewart remained undiscovered. (This was before Jack Charlton’s time!)

Stewart’s main interest is sport : football, rugby and golf. He supports Airdrieonians Football Club, clearly he has a good sense of humour!!!. He is past President of both Waysiders and Cumbernauld Rugby Clubs. He plays golf on the two magnificent courses at Dullatur Golf Club.

Stewart’s other interests are: cooking, (Seafood a speciality – he claims his dressed crab will stand comparison with anyone’s), music – he plays guitar and banjo ukulele and sings “diddly diddly” music, and caravanning, mostly in Portpatrick.

Stewart and his wife Helen have two children, a girl and a boy. Now happily retired Stewart is now a full time raconteur and his gift for story telling and his irresponsible sense of humour have made him a firm favourite at the wide variety of clubs, venues and functions at which he has appeared. Stewart has been a regular contributor to the Fred McCauley Show on BBC Radio Scotland and is a member of Equity.

Stewart is simply full of humour and if you invite Stewart along, you are know you are in for a great evenings entertainment. Stewart is a very accomplished after dinner speaker.