Sally Kettle

Sally Kettle

3 stars

  • First Woman To Have Rowed Across The Atlantic East – West Twice

Sally Kettle is the first woman to have rowed across the Atlantic East – West twice. On both occasions she triumphed over setbacks and adversity. In October 2003 Sally and her partner stepped into a 27ft plywood ocean rowing boat, they left from the Canary Islands and rowed over the horizon to attempt an Atlantic crossing. After just six days they returned to harbour after her partner had suffered an epileptic seizure.

Six weeks later Sally returned to the start line with her mother as her substitute crew mate. 106 days later they arrived in Barbados as Guinness World Record Breakers – not bad for two women with no rowing or sailing experience. Their attempt also raised £268,000 for The Fund for Epilepsy.

Within 6 months of her return from this epic adventure, Sally had enlisted three other women to attempt the fastest Atlantic crossing by a all-female team. They faced 30ft waves, hurricane and tropical storm conditions, the loss of a crew mate, a broken rudder and watermaker, and finally a horrifying shark attack – but they still made it to the finish line in Antigua 77 days later. They became the first 3 person rowing crew to row any ocean.

Her inspiring story is one of courage and tenacity –  Sally now tells the tale of adventure on the high seas and, more importantly, the inside story behind the challenge, the crew and the search for support.


In response to our recent National Panel Conference for Referees in June 2007, I would like to thank you for the recommendation of Sally Kettle as a motivational speaker. Sally was a lively and energetic presenter who enthralled the audience with her impressive tales. Funny, engaging and someone whose determined approach had achieved excellence in the face of adversity.

Delegate’s comments included:

“a most interesting tale”
“A story recounted in an amusing and engaging manner.
“outstanding speaker, and a pleasure to listen to”
“excellent, best speaker of the whole conference”

Sally adapted quickly to the audience and supported her tales with pictures that enhanced her performance.

I would fully recommend Sally Kettle who was excellent booked through After Dinner Speakers 4 u.

Steve Savage, RFU, (June 2007)