Ross Hemsworth

Ross Hemsworth

3 stars

  • A Veteran of Radio
  • Anecdotes From His Time On Ghost Detective

Ross is a radio veteran – but that doesn’t mean he’s past his sell by date!

2005/6 has seen Ross’s radio career move to new heights in worldwide syndicated programmes “Now THAT’S Weird” and “Whinge of the Week” – both grabbing top ratings, and with Now THAT’S Weird achieving estimated audiences in excess of 500,000! He now also presents the daily business show South West Today!

Although his strengths are in TALK programmes, Ross spent many years on local radio presenting, pop, rock and classic hits programmes, and his live appearances have always been energetic, humorous and extremely popular!

Born very young in Chatham England, his father took one look at the newborn and said “well, he’s got the perfect face for radio”!

Ross began his media career on BBC radio Medway presenting a live 50’s rock’n’roll show before moving direction in the music industry, working in PR and radio promotion for artistes as diverse as Gary Numan, Chas & Dave and The Nolans! He then moved into sport, and spent two years working as the PR man behind former world middleweight boxing champion Nigel Benn, whilst also becoming personal manager of gold medal athlete Linford Christie.

Ross has worked as a presenter in both TV and radio over the years and has a humorous and versatile approach to his work. He has numerous TV appearances to his name including being the main contributor in the hit TV series GHOST DETECTIVES, the BBC’s GHOSTWATCH (Tower of London) and Directing and appearing in ITV’s Haunted Halloween Live. His debut book “The Dead ARE Talking” is released in Sept 2006 and publishers Greyfriar Press expect large demand.

Ross’s specialist talk-radio subject is  “all things strange”, and admits to being a “complete sceptic” when he set up The Phantom or Fraud Project, but says that he has now witnessed far too much unexplainable phenomena to be anything other than an open-minded “believer” these days! Much of his “conversion from sceptic” took place in the south west at locations such as Bowden House in Totnes (his favourite haunted house) and Pengersick Castle in Praa Sands Cornwall. (See

His after dinner speeches chronicle his anecdotes from the making of the hit series Ghost Detectives, where he worked alongside former Dr Who Tom Baker, his encounters with “ghosts” and some hilarious stories of people running screaming from investigations (often because of pranks!) and why he now fully believes that the afterlife DOES exist. The talks are humorous, entertaining, factual and very different from most other after dinner speakers! He is constantly met with comments such as “the best and most entertaining speaker we have ever had”!