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Peter Heims

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  • Avery Successful Career As a Private Investigator

Sergeant Simon Harmer was a combat medical technician in the British Army and suffered life changing injuries on 26th October 2009. Whilst out on a patrol as the medic for the Coldstream Guards Simon activated an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) which resulted in life threatening damage to both his legs and his right arm. As a result he lost his legs and endured five years of rehabilitation and surgery. Despite this what Simon didn’t lose was his sense of humour.

Sergeant Harmer’s interesting and varied career in the British Army spans a total of seventeen and a half years in the Royal Army Medical Corp. Some of Simon’s main deployments include multi-national training exercises in Canada and Egypt, being deployed on Operational Tours in Bosnia in 1998 and 2001, serving during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, being involved in the first European Union led deployment to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2003 and finally Afghanistan in 2009. Simon has also been involved in training recruits and turning civilians into soldiers, a post which presented many challenges but was also hugely rewarding.

Simon was also lucky enough to represent his Corp in Cross Country Skiing and Triathlon.

Simon is available for Speaking Engagements for all types of Events including Sporting Dinners, Charity Events, Round Table, Lions and Rotary, and is always well received with his very ” different story”.