Paul Durham

Paul Durham

3 stars

  • Reflects Of 34 Years Service In Mountain Rescue
  • Paul Presents A Light Hearted, Comical & Bizarre Evening

Paul Durham reflects of 34 years service in mountain rescue, hundreds of rescues in a light hearted and comic fashion of the bizarre and sometimes incredulous moments encountered during a mixed and varied career.

Whilst film crews regularly video the work of the emergency services, high up in the mountains shrouded in swirling mist and driving snow the work of the mountain rescue teams goes on beyond the range of the camera lens. Experienced and witnessed by only a small number of people (usually grateful casualties) the work of rescue teams, the conditions in which they work and the desperate efforts they go to bring the injured to hospital, friends and family remains a mystery to many.

Paul relates these efforts in a factual and anecdotal manner painting a picture of the panic the injured party feels when they realise they will not be in hospital in half an hour. How psychological pressure at their predicament compounds their physical injuries or medical condition. And how humour, intentionally or otherwise is a powerful medicine.

Having began as a full member of a mountain rescue team aged just 19 back in 1974, Paul presents a light hearted, comical and bizarre evening with his many experiences including such tragedies as Lockerby, Morecambe Bay cockling disaster, and the Virgin trains derailment in Cumbria along with hundreds more incidents he has been involved with over the years.