Neil Hanson

Neil Hanson

3 stars

  • Prolific & Successful Author
  • An Award Winning After-Dinner Speaker

Neil Hanson is the prolific and successful author of an acclaimed series of popular histories – The Custom of the Sea, The Dreadful Judgement. The Confident Hope of a Miracle and The Unknown Soldier. Critics around the world have hailed them as “astonishing”, “brilliant”, “compelling”, “gripping”, “extraordinary”, “marvellous”, “superb”, “a triumph” and “a masterpiece”.

He has also written over forty other novels and non-fiction books, published under a variety of different names, for as well as his own work, he is also a ghostwriter. His clients have included a number of travellers and adventurers, a treasure diver, a polar explorer, a round the world walker, a controversial historian, an England football coach, an undercover investigator, an IRA informer, two jet-pilots and several SAS men.

Along the highways, byways and frequent cul de sacs of a very chequered career he has also been an Oxford graduate, a plasterer’s mate, an ice-cream salesman, a holiday camp redcoat, an art gallery director, and simultaneously, an art critic and a rugby league commentator. He’s been the editor of the drinker’s bible, The Good Beer Guide, and the owner of the highest pub in Britain and has also found time to travel round the world twice, edit an assortment of obscure magazines, make a couple of television films, write two screenplays, be a radio broadcaster in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, and write for every British national newspaper and for media around the world. He also writes book reviews for the SundayTimes, London; the San Francisco Chronicle; the Los Angeles Times; The Age, Melbourne; and The Dominion Post and the Press in New Zealand.

An award winning after-dinner speaker, he has spoken at every type of occasion – corporate events, conferences, festivals, luncheon clubs, sportsmen’s dinners and banquets – throughout the UK and in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, New Orleans, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and Wellington. He has also made regular appearances on television and radio in Britain, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.