John Brolly

John Brolly

3 stars

  • Famous For Playing Tony Blair

John Brolly began his career in theatre, teaching and children’s entertainment until the arrival of Tony Blair.  After ignoring initial calls to work as a double he finally gave in when his superb portrayal of Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream received the following review
What a stroke of genius to play this part as Tony Blair

Since then he has starred in wide variety of television and film including the BBC’s BAFTA award winning Double Take and The Amazing Mrs Pritchard.
His performances as Tony Blair have led to an incredible variety of work that has taken him around the world and into some compromising situations; notably into a sauna with George Bush, receiving a massage from Carol Caplin and spending one Christmas with David Beckham as the window display of Selfridges in London wearing only bath towels.

John is now becoming established as an after dinner speaker and is working on a film for Channel 4 called Ten Years of Tony Blair.