Jim Rees

Jim Rees

3 stars

  • A Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach & Author
  • His Sessions Are Deep & Challenging

Jim Rees is a Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach an and Author, his book “Maximise Your Mind Power” is part of The Work Life Series by Dorling Kindersley

Profile:Jim Rees is interested in what’s possible. Having flown around the world competing in some of the toughest races on the planet, Jim has a very clear idea of what is possible.  Drawing from his personal, sporting and professional career, Jim has seen and experienced perceived impossibilities turn into reality.  From this, he absolutely knows that the majority of us are barely scratching the surface of our potential, whether that’s on the tennis court or in the boardroom. On a one-to-one level, Jim has an uncanny way of getting to the core of who you are.  With your permission, he works with you to uncover those beliefs that may well be preventing you from achieving your absolute max in ALL that you do.  His sessions are deep and challenging  – this reflects his philosophy that “everyone is built for greatness”. 

2003  to date Ripple Leadership Ltd. Jim runs his own business, a company that focuses on maximizing potential at individual, team, and organizational level, working with many FTSE 100 companies across Europe. He combines this with being a parent of 6 children and his sporting goals, he has competed in numerous Ironman Triathlons around the world and more recently has competed in The Race Across America (a 3000mile cycle race), this year Jim became the first British rider to finish the race twice as a solo rider! (2007 & 2008) 

2000 – 2003 Si Group ( previously known as Speakers International)
Worked with clients as an account manager to design and implement mindset change programs, Jim then naturally progressed into a keynote Speaker and a 1:1 coach. 

1992 – 2000   Astra Zeneca
Started a as a GP sales representative before being promoted into hospital sales. He then was promoted again into sales management, when he took on his team they moved from 18th in the country to being the top in the country.   
1987 – 1992 Boehringer Ingelheim GP sales representative
1984 – 1987 DHL Courier
1982 – 1984 Head Buyer / Ass. Manager for Dalton Pharma
1978 – 1982, Ethical Buyer for Chem-Buy Pharmaceuticals,   
Personal growth and development Jim’s belief that everyone is built for greatness drives him to continuous learning. Jim is a vivacious reader of varied subjects including organisational and personal development material, he regularly attends courses and seminars to ensure he stays sharp in his chosen field of expertise. 

Transactional Analysis
The Human Element Firo B
JCA IE & TE tool (emotional intelligence)

Sample testimonials
“I really do need to thank you Jim. Your coaching last year was profound and effective. You taught me to look at myself and realise that in order for others to change I had first to change myself. This was a humbling experience but one that has left me wiser and with a much higher level of self confidence. It was incredibly difficult for me to take the first step. Making the first move and changing myself rather than expecting my direct reports to change was counter intuitive. The illusion I was under is now very clear. I do not exaggerate this life learning.” 
(Peter Harding CEO of a major foods & drinks manufacturer, Ireland)

WIBF Feedback Sept 2008 Workshop (Make Your Mark, Make a Difference)

“Interesting topic. Could easily think of applying the models to my personal circumstances. Excellent facilitator. Totally grabbed my attention!” Julia Mariasova, Credit Suisse

“Really enjoyed the event and felt it was a great way of making you look at things in a diffent way. Will definately take the ideas and thinking into my everyday life”. Victoria Slater Citi

“Jim is a very good speaker and articulates very well. His use of examples (especially videos) really hones in the messages that he wants to convey. I would love to hear more about the second model that he briefly mentioned”. Weng-Ching Un, Citi

“Good opportunity to think about issues you don’t have time to address in the workplace”. Ostiane Goh-Livorness, Barclays Wealth

“Very informative and fun. Excellent presentation style”. Dean Zhang, Citi


Feedback from the 4 day EI programme (Being An Authentic Leader).

“This has been life changing for me personally.”
  GSK Lorraine Doll Head of HR for worldwide R&D

“Most impactful programme I’ve ever been on! And I’ve been a lot of programme’s!!”
GSK John Mickinnon Head of R&D Global Operations

Jim has worked with many individuals, small groups and large audiences within industries in the UK and overseas including the finance, retail, sporting and pharmaceutical sectors.

Sample of Clients include:-

Britannia  Llyods TSB                                           M&S
Pfizer   Williams Lea                                         Venture portraits
GSK   Nestle
GE Insurance  Premier Foods       Stonham  Royal Bank of Scotland
Norwich Union Standard Life Health Care