Ian Parker

Ian Parker

3 stars

Adventures of an Aerospace Journalist

Flying instructor and writer Ian Parker talks about aircraft he has flown, people met and experiences had. This includes flying warbirds, human-powered aircraft and experiencing zero-g with the French space agency. 

Ian joined the staff of Flight International in late 1979 and learned to fly in the summer of 1980 on Cessna 150s/152s. Soon, he got into aerobatics and through his journalism had the opportunity to fly many types including a Spitfire, a Tucano, a Vampire and many helicopters. In 1982 he was the development pilot for a 100ft winspan inflatable human powered aircraft, which he flew in Chiswick and then London’s Docklands. 

More recently, he started flying Russian Yakovlev types, particularly the 18T and 52, becoming a CAA class rating instructor. His journalism has taken him round the world during which he has been frequently called upon to speak publicly, always taking the opportunity to inject a good deal of humour into his hair curling experiences – well, if he had any hair left!

Currently, he’s also a watersports instructor for the Royal Navy Sailing Centre in Portsmouth where he spends most of his time teaching sailors to sail with all the amusing incidents which that brings. 

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