Hans Sanders

Hans Sanders

3 stars

  • Has A Sharp Wit, Clean & Can Adapt His Style To Any Audience
  • 30 Years Worth Of Stories Working In The Police

Hans Sanders worked for 30 years as a cop, he worked as a Detective as a Constable, Sergeant and Detective Inspector, has many very funny stories that link to the police. On his first day as a cop he messed up, not recognising his own Chief Constable, a story that is repeated to this day(ask him he’ll tell you).

He worked with the royals, including Prince Charles, the Queen and Prince Phillip, one of his claims to fame  was the time when he went to help Lady Zara Phillips who had fallen from a horse and Princess Anne told him to F… off, what a charming lady!, he worked in the anti-terrorist branch, met Ian Brady, and other infamous villains. 

Mainly working in a crime environment, and on the beat…but not traffic.???? Many of his one liners have actually happened, but like all good comics, and cops,…He never let the truth get in the way of  a good story,

An ardent football fan with some funny stories about the players who he meet and become friends with, often challenged with the question are you Ian Rush’s brother… he’s not but they are friends.  

He is new to the after dinner circuit, works as a MC (master of ceremonies), comic, and host, he is very keen having been involved in a serious business for 30 years to lighten up peoples lifes.

He has a sharp wit, clean and can adapt his style to any audience and is ideal for such Organisations as Golf Clubs, Rotary, Round Table, Lions Clubs & Masonic functions. Happy to travel anywhere in the UK, abroad, cruise ships

Booking Hans you wont be disappointed.