Graham Mitchell

Graham Mitchell

3 stars

  • Brimming With Wit & Good Humour
  • The World Of Wine Has A Fund Of Good Stories

Graham Mitchell is an engaging and civilised after dinner speaker, brimming with wit and good humour. He is both amusing and stimulating about a subject which everyone enjoys. The world of wine has a fund of good stories and Graham seems to know some of the best !

Let the wine explorer, who has entertaining stories to tell, lead you on a light hearted journey through the vineyards of the world, discovering and revealing the mysteries of the wine.

Graham brings an immense amount of knowledge and humour to wine tasting. He does a regular wine spot on BBC radio. He is the 4th generation in his family to toil in the wine trade. His Great Grandfather Sir, Alfred Bower, established Bower and Company, wine merchants in London back in 1879, so you could say that wine is in his blood. A Director of El Vino Company for 6 years, Graham subsequently followed his Grandfathers steps and set up his own wine business.

Grahams presentation and fun along with his informal approach will ensure your evening is enjoyed by all.   

Graham is available for after dinner speaking and offers “something a little different”.