Graeme Lloyd

Graeme Lloyd

3 stars

  • Very Funny Take On The World Of Football

Grahame Lloyd’s Football Fanatical: An A-Z of the Beautiful Game is a light-hearted look at the language used by everyone involved in the global game – from players and managers to supporters, reporters and commentators.

It’s a mixed bag of poetry, song, radio commentary and quotation and there are three versions: the full show which is based on the length of a match – lasting two hours including a 15-minute interval – A Game of One Half – about an hour – and A Game of a Quarter – about 25 minutes.

Listen to:

Local radio commentators who are overcome by excitement!
Poems about Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Steve McClaren!
Songs about the Beckhams, Wayne Rooney, Sven-Göran Eriksson, Jose Mourinho and a hundred years of famous fat footballers!
Some parts of the show make people laugh out loud and some make them chuckle as, armed with a whistle and red and yellow cards, the freelance broadcaster and journalist goes through the letters of the alphabet.
The performances staged at village halls, community centres, football clubs and corporate events throughout England have produced the following comments:
I was gripped from start to finish – as was everyone else in the hall. Liking football was not important. Artservice
Hilarious right from the kick-off. A thoroughly enjoyable evening – even for those of us who weren’t fans of the game. Newark Advertiser
Equally accessible to the very knowledgeable and to those who hate football – like me! Nottinghamshire Village Ventures
A very creative and entertaining evening. Lincolnshire Echo
A very funny, clever entertainment…come prepared to laugh – even if you don’t know the offside rule! Shropshire promoter
A farrago of fun about football…songs, poems, anecdotes and recordings: all were pithy and pointed, some quite memorable…a good value performance Herefordshire promoter
Did a great job in keeping both the football fans and the luddites engaged and entertained throughout the show. Spot On, Lancashire’s rural touring network