Geoff Reiss

Geoff Reiss

3 stars

  • An Accomplished & Practiced Speaker On Matters Relating To Business

Geoff Reiss has focussed throughout his 30 year career on project and programme management.

He is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management and Chairman of ProgM, the Association for Project Management/British Computer Society Specific Interest Group in Programme Management.

He has a master’s degree in project management. Reiss sat on UK government’s review panels and has worked with a wide range of major organisation to improve their ability to deliver projects successfully including Lloyds of London; Serco, Standard Chartered, Fortis and Barclays Banks and CitiCorp; British Aerospace; Barco, Panasonic and many, many others.

He has conceived, designed, developed and marketing four significant software products.

He has written four books: Project Management Demystified (2 editions, 15 reprints) and Programme Management Demystified have become two of Britain’s best selling books in their topics. One Project Too Many, jointly authored with Geof Leigh, was published in August 2004. He led the six man author team for The Gower Handbook of Programme Management.

He is an accomplished and practiced speaker on matters relating to business change, successful projects, IT/MIS and software development. He has a special interest in great projects from the past.

He has the ability to cut through to the quick of these matters and emphasise what really counts.

He can be serious and highly professional. He can also be very entertaining and irreverent.
Some Previous Presentations include:
Could we do it today?
This talk looks at Great Projects from The Past and the leaders behind them.

Great Wall, Suez Canal, Crystal Palace, Everest, Manhattan, Mulberry Harbours, Moon Landing……
Great Leaders, Great Project Managers
Could We Do It Today? Would We Do It Today?
Style: Light, Educational, Illustrated
Suitable For: A Wide Ranging Audience with an interest in projects
Seven Steps to Project Success
A down to earth guide to succeeding where so many fail

Make sure you all know what you are trying to do
List the jobs that need to be done.
Try to figure out when they need to be done.
Give each job to someone to care for, keep a check on how it pans out.
Don’t change names or numbers, Tie up the loose ends
Style: Light, entertaining, instructional
Suitable for: Everyone involved in projects of any kind
Programme Management Best Practice
A serious overview of this topic vital to many organisations
Introduction & Definitions
Understanding project management, programme management
and Project Portfolio Management
UK government activities/world interest and developments
Four Very Common Problems:
 Programme Selection
 Program Office/Centres of Excellence
Sources of Further Information
Style: Formal, Instructional, Illustrated
Suitable for: Experienced Project Managers, Directors and Senior Managers
Project Portfolio Management
An introduction to the emerging techniques for well governed project selection

Project Selection and Prioritisation
Normal Practice for Project Birthing
Research, Developments and UK government’s involvement
The Project Portfolio Management process
Sources of information
Style: Formal Instructional Illustrated
Suitable for: Programme Managers, Directors and Senior Managers

Summary: A very accomplished and entertaining speaker; a world expert on project and programme management