dr kevin jones

Dr Kevin Jones

3 stars

  • Consultant Physician With An Extremely Funny Line In Hospital & Medicine Humour

Dr. Kevin Jones is a Consultant Physician with an extremely funny line in hospital and medicine humour.

He is a former member of the heart-lung transplant team at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge, his stories come from the world of medicine – giving a unique and funny insight into these subjects.

He qualified in medicine back in 1977 at Liverpool University, form there he worked in the Merseyside region for 3 years, during which time he was medical officer to Huyton Rugby League Club: possibly the worst-ever Rugby League team in history!!.
From there, he moved to Cambridge and worked for 4 years on the Papworth team before becoming a Senior Registrar at the famous St. Bartholomews’s Hospital in London until 1992.

He has also spent some time in Denver, Colorado, doing research into lung transplantation and currently works as a Consultant Physician at a General Hospital In Lancashire.

Kevin has been entertaining on the after-dinner circuit now for more than 15 years, from major company and trade association dinners to Lords Taverners events and the Round Table National Conference on the Isle of Man.

Kevin is extremely popular on the “after dinner” circuit and he is definitely a speaker with a difference and is highly recommended.