David Gunson

David Gunson

3 stars

  • A Great, Interesting & Very Amusing Speaker

David Gunson was born in Sheffield. He originally trained to be a metallurgist before changing direction slightly to join the RAF.

David flew for twelve years in the Royal Air Force doing Search and Rescue and anti-submarine work. He was an air traffic controller at Birmingham Airport for 22 years, until he retired in 1992.

David is a Yorkshireman whose interests include cricket and rugby. He lives in a leafy suburb of Solihull with his wife Doreen and children.

David’s speech, entitled “What goes up doesn’t necessarily come down” draws on his wide experience of near misses and narrowly averted disasters, with his tongue firmly in his cheek!

David is truely a must for any event, a great interesting and very amusing Speaker, seeing is believing!