Bruce Burgess

Bruce Burgess

3 stars

  • An Interesting Talk & Demonstration Of His Career Using Lie Detectors

Detecting Lies and Uncovering the Truth Using the Lie Detector.

A 20 to 60-minute talk where Bruce shares his experience as the UK’s leading Polygraph examiner.

As well as recalling some of his most interesting “real” cases, he gives a fascinating explanation as to how the polygraph works including a demonstration.

As an example, Joe Steele was released after serving 17years in a Scottish jail after being found guilty of his part in the “Ice Cream Wars Murders” after his Polygraph Test he was given leave to appeal, which was later upheld, he is now a free man.

During the talk Bruce will reveal the secrets and dispel the rumours surrounding what is possibly the world’s most revered yet misunderstood investigative tool “The Lie Detector”.

Bruce can tailor the length of the talk to meet your requirements, and is also sometimes able to talk at short notice.

Bruce Burgess is one of only a handful of professionally trained polygraph examiners in the UK.

He utilises his skills and unique experience both for commercial clients and individuals alike, He is often required to appear on Television and Radio.

Bruce is best known having worked during the past three years on ITV’s “Trisha Show” providing lie detector tests for couple’s from up and down the country.

Bruce Has made many TV appearances, during the last two years apart from regular spots on ITV’s “Trisha” and Channel 4’s breakfast show “Rise” he has taken part in ‘This Morning’, ‘Richard and Judy’, ‘Spy School’, ‘Dispatches’, ‘Mistresses’, ‘Danger Incoming Attack’, ‘Fit Club’, ‘The Worlds Worst Grandmother’, ‘BBC News’, ‘Channel 4 News’, ‘Channel 5 News’, ‘News at Ten’, ‘Radio 4’, ‘Radio 5 Live’ and many others