Trevor Francis

Trevor Francis

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  • Trevor Is Available For Q&A at Sporting Dinners & Golf Days
  • Massive TV Personality

Trevor Francis joined Birmingham City as a schoolboy making his debut in 1970, aged just 16, and ending his first season with 15 goals from just 22 games. As a striker, his success was due to split-second recognition of opportunity, great acceleration and confidence in his own ability. He would go on to make 278 League appearances for City and score 119 goals. Nine years on, he signed for Nottingham Forest for £1million, the first time such a price had been paid and went on to score the winning goal in the 1979 European Cup Final against Malmo. 

After a spell at Manchester City, he then moved to Sampdoria and helped them win the Coppa Italia in 1985. Trevor returned to Britain in 1987 joining Glasgow Rangers and won the Scottish Cup in 1988, before moving to Queens Park Rangers where he took over as manager in November 1988. Trevor won 52 England caps, scoring 11 goals and is now a TV Pundit.

Trevor is available for Q&A (questions & answers) at Sporting Dinners and Golf Days.