Phil Thompson

Phil Thompson

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  • Phil Has A Wealth Of Fascinating Football Stories That cover His 45 years In The Game
  • Liverpool Legend

Mickey Thomas was born on 7 July 1954 in Mochdre, Wales. Mickey is a player that almost represented all 92 league clubs !!!! Seriously Mickey is a popular player from the past, who is well known and remains a favourite from his time at The Racecourse Ground (Wrexham), Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge particularly. He played 110 games for Man Utd and scored 15 goals. At Chelsea he helped them win the old 2nd Division. 

During his career he represented hi beloved Wales on 51 occasions, as he reflects back on one of his most memorable games being a 4-1 victory over England, with him scoring. Mickey also played at Leeds, Stoke and Everton.

Mickey has some interesting and enthralling stories and anecdotes from his long career in football. Mickey is available for Sporting Dinners & Lunches.