Ryan Sidebottom

Ryan Sidebottom

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  • Available For After Dinner Speaker Events, Corporate Conferences & Sporting Ceremonies

Yorkshire CCC and former England Bowler, Ryan Sidebottom has a number of enviable achievements to his name in spite of his short lived Test Match career. Ryan works as a sports speaker at a variety of functions including after dinner speaker events, corporate conferences and sporting ceremonies.

A domestic player for Yorkshire Ryan Sidebottom was raised in Huddersfield and is the son of another former Yorkshire cricket speaker turned professional footballer, Arnie Sidebottom.

Beginning his own Test Match career in 2001 Ryan Sidebottom was dogged by injury and was frequently unable to take part in England games, breaking from Test cricket for six years Ryan finally secured a permanent position on the team in 2007 and was a prolific bowler for the next two years. Known for as a left arm medium bowler Sidebottom was an accomplished player, he played in more than twenty Test match games during his career as well as playing a vital part in England’s 2010 ICC World Test victory. He became only the 11 th English cricket speaker in history to score a hat-trick and only the 37 th in the world.

Ryan continues to play for Yorkshire, despite suffering a number of injuries, he has since worked as a sports speaker at both Yorkshire Cricket Club functions, private events and on the corporate after dinner speaker circuit.

Ryan is comfortable currently with Q&A and is very interested in Club and League Dinners.