Stan Johns

Stan Johns

3 stars

  •  Wealth Of Film & TV Drama Experience
  • Suitable For All Types Of Functions & Events

Sharp witted Stan Johns is a native of Yorskhire, where he perfected his skill as a Stand Up Comedian & quickly established himself as a crowd pleaser and a talented performer. Much of his material is fresh, clever and topical, even the established gags take on a complete new angle!

After touring The UK northern circuit for many years with his stand up comedy act, performing in various venues ranging from ballrooms, theatres, variety clubs as well as British Militart Bases abroad, Stan moved to South Wales to live and was inevitably voted Comedian of The Year on no less than six occasions. As a result, he proved to be a very big draw in that part of the country.

Although Stan is one of The UK’s most versatile comedians, he is also an accomplished after dinner speaker, particularly at Sportsmen’s Dinners, Football, Golf & Rugby Clubs etc, and has worked with several top British Sport Stars, where he is renowned for his popularity making him an all time favourite. 

Stan has now become a much sought after comedian with the more discerning cruise ships, due to his clean, humorous and non offensive material, and where his charming cheeky-chappie delivery is enjoyed by all the passengers.  

He also has a wealth of film and TV drama experience behind him and he has appeared alongside such stars Philip Madoc, Lee Remick, and Dirk Bogarde, and has supported the likes of Roy Orbison, Frankie Vaughan & Gene Pitney in cabaret. He has also successfully appeared on The BBC Lloyd George series, Pobol-y-cym (a long running Welsh Soap Opera) and Treasure Island.

Stan now lives in Blackpool and is making a big name for himself in the North West of England. A very witty and entertaining artist, Stan is suitable for all types of functions & events.