Seth Shildon

Seth Shildon

3 stars

  • Style To Suit The After Dinner Market
  • Seth is capable of handling any type of situation presented to him

Tank is one of twins-not identical though, because his sister’s got a beard !!

With a penchant for the stupid/daft jokes in life, things came to a head in July 1999, when he appeared in front of millions on The Les Dennis ITV talent show…..Give your mate a break !………He won !!!!

Tank is more than happy performing to a crowd that is out for a laugh, and can turn his hand to all audiences. 

During 2005 Tank was approached by none other than “Jethro” and asked if he would like to appear in his Xmas DVD “Jethro in Cloud Cuckoo Land”.

Recent TV work includes an appearance on a Carlton TV Soccer Programme. 

Tank is also a firm favourite on the “After dinner speaking circuit” especially at Sportsmans Dinner Evenings and Corporate Events. 

With Tank, you are guaranteed a Superb Evening.  

An increasingly and ever popular South West comedian. Tank is a genuinely and naturally funny man, with his own brand of inspired wit and lunacy. 


    FEB 2017                        MAR 2017                         APR 2017 

  Thu ( not available)         Thu 2 & 9                         Thu 6 

 Fri ( not available)            Fri ( not available)            Fri ( not available)

 Sat ( not available)           Sat ( not available)          Sat ( not available)