Sean Styles

Sean Styles

3 stars

  • Outstanding Impressionist & Comedian
  • Relaxed Style & Pleasing Personality

Sean Styles is an outstanding Impressionist and comedian. To anyone visiting Liverpool for the first time, evidence of the ‘wicked’ sense of humour of its inhabitants is immediately evident.  The city seems full of people always ready with a witty retort and the ability to make the most of any opportunity that comes their way to demonstrate their natural wit.

There has always been an affinity between sportsmen and entertainers particularly comedians.  The great football clubs of Liverpool and Everton over the years have been likened to Schools of Science!  If that is the case, the clubs and theatres of this most vibrant of cities can surely be classed as the University Campus of Comedy.  For sure many comedy greats have graduated with honours from this background.

On the corporate and sporting after dinner entertainment scene fast earning the right to stand shoulder to shoulder with these greats of comedy and join the list of comedy greats who took their first faltering strokes in the ‘Pool’ into the world of comedy, is the very talented and very, very funny Sean Styles.

It is easy for those who represent them to write glowing testimonials about any entertainer, but at the end of the day, it is the endorsements of those who pick up the ‘tab’ which carries the most weight and credibility.

The best testimony to Sean Style’s talent to make people laugh and leave them laughing at all levels of society right across the country and his ever increasing popularity, are the events he has appeared at, the companies he has appeared for and the ‘names’ he has shared the top table with over the past few years.

Sean Styles is the latest comedy talent to come from Liverpool. Starting way back in 1986 when, from sixty entries, he came first in “Liverpool Pub Comedian of the Year.” In 1987 he followed up with an appearance on TV’s New Faces. 

He has worked the major cabaret venues with Joe Longthorne, Marty Wilde, The Searchers, Foundations, Drifters, Dana, Jimmy Ruffin and many others. In 1989 he as a winner on Sky TV’s Starsearch. In June 1991, Sean appeared at the Grade Theatre, Blackpool, with the Drifters followed by an appearance with the LA Centrefolds at the Southport Theatre. He was so well accepted, that he was booked for the complete 1992 tour, which was followed by a Summer Season for the Haven Leisure Group. 

He is now also in demand as an “After Dinner Speaker” and his relaxed style and pleasing personality satisfies all types of audience and ensures his early return. Quote from the Comedians Show, “The pub was so rough, I asked the barmaid for Pork Scratchings and she gave me a pig and a cheese grater.” Sean Styles.