paddy greene

Paddy Greene

3 stars

  • Known Amongst His Peers As The Comics’ Comic
  • Fresh & Topical Comedy

Paddy Greene, like the great late Tommy Cooper, is a naturally very funny man! Paddy is Known amongst his peers as the Comics’ comic, this zany Irishman is overflowing with material and a gifted talent for making people laugh. 

Paddy’s act is full of vitality, he uses so much energy that he is usually physically drained at the end of a performance, and uses every available inch of space, and anything to hand as a prop. 

A great deal of Paddy’s material is fresh and topical, even the old stories and gags take on a complete new angle with Paddy’s unique approach. In fact Paddy is so imaginative and diverse that you will probably never see him perform the same act twice! 

He is a great favourite with Jim Davidson, who never misses an opportunity to use Paddy on his special shows. After appearing on Summertime Special, in 1989, the LWT staff immediately booked him back for their Christmas party, and then again for the year following. A high accolade indeed. 

After many years of persuasion, Paddy finally presented his talent at a Sportsman’s Dinner – the result was a standing ovation – Paddy Greene had exploded onto the After Dinner Circuit. 

Many more bookings followed, along with more ovations, and 1993 saw Paddy establish himself as one of the most sought after comedy speakers.The following year saw Paddy expand his following through the many requests to appear in the South of England where demand exceeds the available dates.