Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell

3 stars

  • Traditional Yorkshire Comedian
  • Well Suited for Sports Dinners

Simon is a veteran of sell out shows not just at the Edinburgh festival but also Montreal’s Just for Laughs and the Aspen International comedy festival.

Hugely popular both in comedy clubs and on the after-dinner and corporate circuit, Simon excels in routines that are adult in the best sense of the world, prompting reviewers to describe him as “Demonically dry” and “Sublime”. 

He is if anything even more respected by his peers, being the writer of choice for Dara O’Brian, Sean Lock and Lee Mack among others, while he is a familiar voice on Radio Four, as a regular on The News Quiz, The Unbelievable Truth and Armando Iannucci’s Charm Offensive among others, as well as having anchored and written seven series of news satire The Way It Is. 

TV viewers may also have recently seen him labouring bravely in the face of ultimately overwhelming opposition as part of the Comedians team on University Challenge – The Professionals. 

As well as the usual comedy clubs and festivals, Evans has, more than most comics of his generation, focused on making in-roads into the sports and fundraising after-dinner speaking circuit and corporate events. 

His style of comedy, his ability to perform an entirely clean set without compromising on the laughs and his relative maturity and reference points have made him a great hit with audiences perhaps used to hearing the same old jokes from some of the more “mainstream” style of comedians.