Martyn Aldridge

Martyn Aldridge

3 stars

  • ‘Alternative’ Comedy
  • 20 Stone plus of sex appeal and laughter


Martyn Aldridge is a stand up comic from Plymouth. 20 stone plus of sex appeal and laughter (but mostly laughter!).

The act, well its probably the ‘new’ alternative comedy, nothing subtle, nothing pretentious, no obscure observational humour, just good old fashion 1970’s knob gags but without the racism or the over sized velvet bow tie.

Not so much a comedy act as a meeting of Jokes reunited guaranteed to produce at least one ‘This is your life’ moment when he introduces the audience to a joke they haven’t heard for 20 years!

Martyn is nearly 40 and has a good ‘proper’ job, he does this for fun, he’s not pretentious, precious or up his own arse, his approach is truly alternative, simply to make the audience laugh.

Martyn is fairly new on the circuit with just a handful of gigs to his name, he is however the regular compere at the Sportsmans Inn at Ivybridge and has shared the stage their with such comic luminaries as Bernard Manning and Mick Miller as well as going down a storm at the Cheeky Monkey in Birmingham.

So what are you waiting for? re-inforce the stage, get the caterers in, stock up the bar, restrain the women and give us a call!