Barry Cheese

Kevin Connelly

3 stars

  • Impressionist, Comedian & After Dinner Speaker
  • Celebrity Impressions & Characters


Barry Cheese was born in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. He has a wife Pauline and a son Jonathan. During the seventies and early eighties Barry was in a very successful TV comedy double-act called Cheese and Onion, before going solo in 1984. Barry Cheese is a true international comedy raconteur. With tours in West Africa, The Middle East, Germany, Spain, Tenerife, Malta and Cyprus. 

Jack Charlton OBE, Gareth Chilcott, Alan Ball, Sir Norman Wisdom, Jonny Mathis, to name just  a few of the top stars he has worked with. 
Barry is in demand, Speaking at, Corporate Dinners, Sport’s Nights, Thomson Gold Hotels world wide, and a multitude of one-off job’s too numerous to mention all over the U.K. and Northern Ireland. He is a very popular entertainer on the Warner Hotels (just for adults) circuit. Barry is also one of the few Comedy Raconteurs that can work right across the spectrum very clean or cheeky for male or mixed audience’s. 

Barry loves to chat, if you go along to see him work try to spend a minute or two with him before or after the event you won’t regret it.