jimmy darch

Josh Daniels

3 stars

  • Charismatic & Adaptable Performer
  • Very Warm & Relatable

Jimmy Darch is a charismatic performer demanding the attention of his audience immediately. Clients worldwide have grown to expect the high standards that Jim is able to deliver every time. His level of consistency is phenomenal especially when you take into account the diverse venues and audiences that he performs for every year.

“Darchy” is a natural.  His unique style and wicked sense of humour, set him apart from other tutored comics. His razor sharp wit comes not from comic peers or theatrical training but fresh from the joys of growing up in a huge family, many a football dressing room on a cold winter morning and his early years as a tradesman. 

Being a warm people person is the essence of Jim’s ability to relate to people from all walks of life and enables all audiences to warm very quickly to his humorous tongue. 

Some individuals have the wonderful ability to see the funny side of every situation. With that ability, an extremely intelegent mind and an awesome stage presence it’s little wonder that Jim is so popular to entertainment agencies, bespoke corporate event’s companies all over the world. 


These days Jims work is very diverse, performing for the military in the UK and overseas, professional football clubs nationwide, corporate engagements of many descriptions and Hotels and Holiday Centres worldwide. He is a polished, sophisticated and professional artiste with the gift of a sharp mind and a very quick tongue. Darchy sees the funny side of every situation and takes the crowd along for the ride, whoever they may be, from families to adults and all male audiences Jims successful consistency goes before him, and he leaves the audience wanting more.

Working to many specifications Jim’s comedy may be performed as a stand up after dinner comedian, a stand up stage show, a cabaret act including audience participation and vocals, TV warm up, character actor or as a presenter/compere.

From Tony Blair and the labour Party to The Chelsea Legends, Haven Holidays to The Devere Belfry, The RAF to a Masonic lodge, Darchy is versatile, adaptable and above all brilliant at what he does.


Darchy’s humour has derived from many a cold football dressing room on a Sunday morning, growing up in a large family, making his own family, the ability to see the funny side of every situation and put it into word in an instant.


Jim has toured to Cyprus, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Corfu, Majorca, Malaga, Scotland, and Germany and so on. His show has appeal to audiences of all descriptions a versatile artistes, Jim can adapt his material to compliment the audience profile. 
People of all ages and walks of life have come to love Jims splitting observations as he delivers each punch line with a sharp left hook.
His career began as a young comedian touring with variety and cabaret shows. He went on to become head of entertainment and eventually General manager for a string of holiday centres. Six years ago he hit the road with his solo comedy act and things just keep getting better.


Jim is available for hire as:

Stand Up Comedian 
After Dinner Comedian 
Cabaret Artiste 


If you are organising a cabaret night or require a warm up artiste for Jim Darch why not take a look at female comedienne and comedy vocalist Jennie Robin. Jennie is Jim’s better half, performing stand up comedy, comedy vocals and as a vocalist. “Robin is diminutive and quirky, self assured and confidant, she dominates the stage with a warm yet commanding presence performing tongue twisting lyrics with polished vocal dexterity. quote from THE STAGE NEWSPAPER. The shows are very complimentary, especially for a mixed male and female audience.

Jim can provide his own PA and is also available with a string of other performers, including duo’s, trios, bands, tribute artistes, DJ and Lighting, sound technician, dancers, fun casino and so on. If the aim of you event is to raise money Jim is also happy to compere the auction.