Jack Dooly

Jack Dooly

3 stars

  • Available as: Family Friendly, Total Mad & Total Tazmaniac
  • Jokes & Song & Dance!

Jack Dooly, in a nutshell, a very funny man, an excellent voice, and many years in the entertainment industry. Jack discovered his flare for comedy many moons ago, he went on to create this zany, sharp witted, energetic and very funny character we know today as Jack Dooly.

 With his added ability to deliver superb vocals, and carrying the best in sound and lighting equipment, it soon becomes clear why he has become one of Wales’ most sort after popular entertainers. 

With the professionalism to be completely versatile, he is able to perform a One Hour Belly Aching Comedy Spot, or the traditional Two Forty Five Minute Spots.

With a Comedy Cabaret set to accommodate any audience, and a Singing Dance spot to finish the evenings entertainment, Jack Dooly is the ideal choice for an evening of fun filled professional, energetic entertainment. 

Jack is available in three sizes. Firstly there is the Family version, then Totally Mad, and last there is Total Tazmaniac.