George Saunders

George Saunders

3 stars

Don’t be fooled by her diminutive appearance. Robin is a little lady with a big presence. Her interpretations of everyday life will have you belly laughing from the word go, it’s real, it’s clever and it’s absolutely hilarious. 

Embracing issues such as a women’s pre menstrual up’s and down’s and the contents of her nicker drawer Jennie tackles the rivalry between the feminine and masculine, laughing at both, about both, with both.

Jennie Robin has travelled extensively with her one woman show. As a cabaret artist she has performed for corporate clients nationwide. The essence of the act is innuendo, making it adaptable to audiences of all descriptions. From An Officers mess to a room full of insurance brokers, from a Masonic lodge to a holiday Park. With a wealth of experience and a trolley full of talent Jennie Robin has appeal to young and old.

The perfect performer; Mix lots of live stage experience with a powerful singer, leave to marinade for a few years add a little real  life experience with a trained dancer ,pop in the oven on a low heat and watch it rise, once risen add some wit and Sinicism, stir thoroughly, sprinkle a touch of  class. Serve immediately with the drink of your choice.  

The unique style of this performer is unmistakable. It’s not alternative or traditional, but somewhere in-between. With the originality of an alternative artists and the class of a traditionalist, with the insight of a woman but without a chip about it, with the aggression of a male artist and the appeal of a female, without the aid of safety net Robin is a file with no pigeon whole.