David St John

David St John

3 stars

  • Can Provide A Mini Disco After Act
  • Interacts Well With Audience

David St John is one of the most versatile comedy entertainers in the business, and able to adapt to a wide range of audiences as well as offering more than straightforward stand-up comedy.  His act is geared to whatever function he is appearing at, and is a good fast-moving mix of gags, impressions plus a couple of songs where needed. Prior to his solo career, David spent many years as lead vocalist/frontman with several pop groups and can incorporate his vocal skills into the main act or even as an add-on, should longer playing times be needed.

David St John has a wealth of material and adapts his comedy to suit the requirements, ranging from clean, through ‘saucy’ or as strong as is needed!  However, his act does not offend and he can be booked with complete confidence as he will ensure that the show will suit the type of audience.   David works the various circuits of clubs, hotels, holiday centres, cruising as well as being an accomplished speaker on the after-dinner, sportsman evenings and much more.   After doing his ‘homework’ on any show,  David usually includes local references plus any information on the actual guests where provided as well as comedy geared toward the product or service on a corporate function.  His knowledge and quick thinking skills have also been put to good use on some 22 TV quiz shows as a very successful contestant and he has been outright champion on several top shows!  This can also be incorporated in speaking engagements if you are looking for something out of the ordinary as David provides an insight into the background of appearing in these shows.  He normally includes his usual comedy act as well as inviting some light hearted trivia ‘challenges’ from the floor and providing more interactive fun.

David speaks French, Greek plus snatches of other foreign languages picked up on his extensive overseas work and can usually make references to whichever part of the country, or even part of the world anybody comes from!  He is a great ad-libber and works ‘with’ an audience who become part of the show as well.  David can also offer a ‘This is Your Life’ sequence and this is usually arranged for surprise birthday parties etc. This is normally arranged in confidence before the actual date as David is provided the basic information which he edits into an amusing entertaining segment before launching into his usual comedy routines. He is also one of the best comedian/comperes in the business if you are looking to have your full evening hosted in a professional way as well as including his own act. 

David St John can also be booked for a full evening of comedy, plus vocals and even providing a mini-disco to keep the party going!