Stewart Masters

Chris Chubby McCall

3 stars

  • A Tribute To The Legendary Roy Chubby Brown
  • One Of The Best Up & Coming Comedians In The UK

Chris Chubby McCall is widely regarded as one of the best up-and coming comedians in the UK.

As a twenty year old Chris was introduced to the unique and brilliant comedy of the brilliant Roy Chubby Brown. That was it – he was hooked! Uncannily Chris resembled the great North Eastern comedian (poor bastard!) and was consequently nicknamed ‘Chubby’ by his mates. The nickname has stuck from that day to this!

After a short career in schoolteaching, Chris moved into the music business, touring the pubs and clubs of the Midlands as a singing guitarist. It was during this time that he became hooked to the circuit, and worked with some of the top comedians in the country. He became fascinated with these comedians, but none matched his hero…Roy Chubby Brown.

After 15 year of belting his lungs out, it was time for a new challenge. It was during a holiday to Tenerife that Chris was introduced to a comedian at The Snooty Fox, the very talented Andy, who donned a chubby costume and brought the house down with a copy of Chubby’s contagious dance routine.

That was it, he had found a new twist in his shows – a tribute to the legendary Roy Chubby Brown. A good mate Phil Solo made him a costume (thanks Phil), which Chris put on at the end of his first show back home and brought the house down. The rest is history!