Charlie Hale

Clive Greenaway

3 stars

  • Tommy Coopers’ life
  • Optional Degree Of Audience Participation

Clive Greenway takes you through The great Tommy Coopers’ life. Naturally it wouldn’t be
Tommy without the magic and as an accomplished comedy magician, Clive re-enacts all the “old favourites” the awesome bottle glass, glass bottle trick, the incredible mind reading duck, the unbelievable Indian rope trick, along with many more !

Audience participation can be a small or large part of the show ! You will be involved in making the magic, telling the jokes as Clive takes you back to when Tommy perfected his art of magic during the war. 

Clive is proving to be an excellent act and is well suited for all audiences and is available for Clubs, Variety Nights, Cruises, Hotels, Restaurants, Trade Shows, Corporate and After Dinner etc.

Clive offers something completely different !!!

Has featured on TV, radio and in The Press and is suitable/adaptable for all occasions.