bobby lee

Bobby Lee

3 stars

  • Stand Up Comedy with Comedy Magic
  • Musically Gifted Performance

Bobby Lee is an accomplished stand-up comedian with many years experience. The stand-up comedy routines are extremely funny, quite original and geared to the audience.

Bobby is one of the few performers that will happily work mainstream as well as comedy clubs and universities etc.
In addition to the pure stand-up work Bobby has a stand-up act that includes comedy magic. This act is particularly suitable for support name theatre work, cruises, older audiences and quality hotel.
Current impressions include Tommy Cooper, Joe Pasquale, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Freddie Starr, Frank Spencer, Billy Connolly, Jim Davidson, Prince Charles, Lenny Henry, One Hung Lo the Chinese magician to name but a few.

Bobby also plays a several musical instruments in the show. Typical instruments are keyboard, mouth-organ, guitar, trumpet etc. Bobby also includes music impressions from shows such as Phantom of the Opera. Bobby is very popular and well suited to any audience.