John Conteh

John Conteh

3 stars

  • A Very Funny Man
  • Very Active On The After Dinner Circuit & With Corporate Events

John Conteh’s illustrious career began as a 10 year old growing up in Kirby, Liverpool. By the time John was 22 he had won 3 Commonwealth Golds and The World Light Heavyweight Championship. Conteh began his professional career as a heavyweight, but after some sound advice from the great Muhammad Ali, he came down to light heavyweight. John is now a very popular after dinner speaker.

Within a month Conteh had beaten the German Schmidtke and this was then followed by taking The World Title the following year. He defended his title successfully on 3 occasions. Sadly after a nasty hand injury, whereby Conteh was kept out of the sport for over a year, he sadly lost form and his career duely came to a quick end. Mickey Duff, his former trainer once said that “I have been involved with 17 World Champions, and the best was John Conteh”. 

John is a very funny man naturally and would be a huge success for you should you book him for your event. John is very active on the After Dinner circuit and with corporate events.