China Grove

China Grove

3 stars

  • Superb Lighting System & Sound Equipment To Match, The Band Produce A Wide Range Of Styles

China Grove bring a fresh and lively approach to everything they do. With a superb lighting system and sound equipment to match, the band produce a wide range of styles, each to the highest musical standards. Young and energetic but with years of experience in the music business, each member of the band is an artist in their own right.

Lead singer/guitarist, Graham Jones is one of the most talented guys in the business. Whether he is singing a classic ballad or belting out an exciting soul song, or extracting every last ounce of emotion from a soaring guitar solo, Graham gives it everything he’s got – and the rest of the band keep pace with him!

Over recent years, China Grove have proved themselves one of the most popular bands on the circuit especially for younger corporate audiences. They have appeared at the most prestigious venues throughout London and the UK & Europe and their mix of music, featuring classic songs from the past four decades, has proved to be a great success with audiences of all ages. Costume changes and choreographed routines complement their music and the whole package adds up to a great show packed with fun and style.